17 Best Movies for Surround Sound at Home

The perfect movie night used to mean a trip to the movie theater to have the full experience of a major cinematic journey of sight and sound. It is thrilling to sit back and hear every tiny sound from the movie giving you the feeling of being in the midst of all the action.

From the explosions that rock your seat to the gut-wrenching silence that sends shivers up your spine, the sounds of the movie are as important as the sights you are watching.


Epic surround sounds now come from your own living room making it a personal movie theater for your family and friends to enjoy.

Since the end of Silent movies, we have embarked on a world of exciting noises that place you right beside the Katniss Everdeen’s as she watches in horror when an explosion rips her life apart in The Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 2.

Every second of the blast meets your senses giving you the rush that might come from being near the explosion.

Many movies use the perfection of an awesome sound to enhance the story they are portraying while some are just a notch above the rest. To find the best movies for your surround sound experience at home we would need to look at different categories.

Science Fiction Movies

1. Star Wars Franchise

In the world of science fiction, so many movies can be found but the epitome of this genre can be seen in Star Wars. Picking a movie for decent sound is easy, just grab a DVD. But to find one that has sound so epic it reaches deep into your soul, look at Star Wars.

No matter which one of the franchise you pick the sound will reach down to you from the screen to embrace you. As you watch the Death Star explode, Lukes’ pod racer, Darth Vader’s voice, or just hear the sound of R2-D2, these movies are as perfect for the ears as they are for your eyes.

When you watch Star Wars, make sure you listen closely to the sound of the legendary lightsaber. It is said one of the factors that contribute to the success of the Star Wars films is the fight scene with the laser sword, lightsaber.

You will hear the sound and special effects from the movies. The buzz sound when the lightsaber clashes and all the laser-gun fire scenes are just great.

2. War of the Worlds

The enhanced mechanical sounds take a viewer back to the day when War of the Worlds played on the radio and a country thought it was real.

This modern adaptation of HG Wells classic comes into the category with the sounds of a thunderstorm giving you a sense of water spraying you in the face. The thunder and lightning scene is the best to try out your home theater speakers.

The sound effect is so real that it will immerse you into the real experience. You will feel that the lightning and the thunder are just around you and happening right now.

3. Tron: Legacy

Thinking about the sounds of a great movie will always have a true sci-fi fan looking at this movie with the whirl and spin of the light bikes. A great movie to sit back and listen to while you watch the bright colored images thrill your other senses.

4. Transformers

Like the Star Wars movies this franchise embraces the sound with everything it has. As the mechanical sounds of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, or any of the other Transformers echoes in your ears, it only preps you for the soon to come explosions.

Listen to every crash and every smash of the machines while the sounds of many different elements around still find their way to your ears. While the metal sounds of this movie rate it among the best, the sounds of the night come to superb graphic detail with its silence.

5. The Matrix

In the world of sound, the first of the series seems to bring a greater experience with your auditory senses being tickled with every move Neo makes as he runs through the Matrix.

The sound effect from The Matrix is incredible, especially during the fight scenes. If you watch the first episode, you will feel amazing at the scene where Neo rescue Morpheus. The sound of bullets falling from the machine gun is crystal clear and will hold you captivating.

6. Mad Max: Fury Road

Max’s post-apocalyptic devastated world with the dust flying and the seemingly never ending chase brings the sounds of each explosion with gut-wrenching realism.

7. Jurassic Park

To end the list of science fiction phenomena when it comes to the sound experience no one could leave out Jurassic Park.

As the silence fills the air viewers await something that is just around the corner and when the thump of the T-Rex comes floating from the movie it takes everyone right there in the seat beside the characters.

Sounds of the dinosaurs are brought to life in such vivid detail that the park seems like it in the room with you.

The latest from the series, Jurassic World, is another masterpiece from the director, Steven Spielberg. we love this movie because it brings back the memories back in 1993.

Everyone can remember clearly the theme song and it is so touching. It is glad to see that they remake the song, “65 Million Years in the Making” in a slower version. It is a beautiful soundtrack.

8. Mission Impossible Series

When you hear the soundtrack of Mission Impossible, you will feel pumped right away. It is a great music incorporated with the movie. And of course, the movies have many great scenes with an incredible sound effect that will make you feel like you are the secret hero saving the world.

We believe that everyone is familiar with Mission Impossible, from the first episode to the latest, Rogue Nation, the series are remarkable and are perfect for home theater with surround sound.

When we talk about best movies for home theater and surround sound, we really cannot miss out this one.

9. Avatar

Rated as one of the best movies of the year, you should really watch the Avatar. If you have never watched it before, please watch it now.

This movie was directed by James Cameroon, the director for Titanic. The movie is full of surprising sound effect and the soundtrack matches the storyline and movie perfectly.

You can hear the effect from the flying dragons wing flaps to the sound of huge machines that human uses to fight with the locals from the planet.

The surround effect from the movie is fantastic and so with the movie storyline. The sound from the audio of this movie will immerse you into another world where you can ‘connect’ with the nature and the animals such as ‘the horse’ and the flying dragons.

10. Interstellar

When it comes to surround sound effect plus the captivating soundtrack, it will be Interstellar. Again, the soundtrack was produced by Hans Zimmer.

If you have great home theater sound system, this movie will definitely catch your breath when you watch it. The storyline is good, the sound effect is great and the soundtrack blended perfectly into the movie.

Enough said, you should definitely watch it if you love adventure movies about space.

Great Movies for Horror Buffs

11. Signs

This is a great movie that a jumps genre by coming to you as not only a horror classic but it is a science fiction fantasy gem as well.

M. Night Shyamalan has moved into this generation as the modern day Alfred Hitchcock with his classic tendencies to scare the crap out of us. Not only are the intense sounds of the world brought to vivid life, Shyamalan takes us on a thrilling trip through silence.

With surround sound, the utter silence of the night is so overwhelming that you can feel the fear. Just as sight works to take you on a journey into your imagination, silence sends you there on a speeding train.

So many other horror movies could be added to the list.

As an honorable mention here is just a few: The Conjuring, Psycho, Gone Girl, Rear Window and Drag Me to Hell.

Horror classics have long used the art of great sound to have a viewer on the edge of their seat and with the new world of surround sound that edge has gotten really slippery.

The War Movie Genre

12. The Hurt Locker

One of the best movies to hear expected sounds of war while listening in detail to the different resonances of multiple weaponry.

Those realistic ear-splitting sounds of explosions during wartime are just one enhancement that surrounds sound offers with The Hurt Locker. One of the most intense sounds of this amazing movie is just the heavy breathing of the characters as they work with explosives.

13. The Last Samurai

If you love war movie but not so much of gunfire, then the Last Samurai will be perfect for you. The lead actor for this movie was Tom Cruise, and the movie was filmed in the deep countryside of Japan.

This is the time where the Samurai still exists and rule the region. The sound effect is powerful and amazing during the sword fight. If you watched this movie before, you can definitely relate the scene where Tom Cruise lost the battle to the Samurai in the woods. The sound effect is just beautiful and will capture your full attention onto the movie.

14. Saving Private Ryan

Another entry in the war listings this sound enhanced movie gives the viewer a look at the journey to bring Ryan home after his brothers were killed in action.

The explosions and gunfire are delivered in a realistic portrayal of wartime noises. But one of the biggest moments comes when a character has endured a close blast and the sound is shut off, those scenes make Saving Private Ryan a perfect choice for your surround sound experiences.

15. Black Hawk Down

Yet, another example of cinematic enhancement of a soundtrack that takes the ears directly into the realistic sounds of war.

The soundtracks were produced from the world-famous Hans Zimmer. If your home theater sound system is good, you can clearly hear the surround sound running through your ears. You can clearly hear the explosion from bombs and the gunfire from shooting scenes.

For The Musical Lovers

16. Moulin Rouge

This listing makes a great addition to your surround sound experience with all the scene filling songs of the cast from the multitudes to the emotional solos.

If you are looking for other musicals to enjoy your surround sound the list of honorable mentions include: Pitch Perfect I and II and Chicago.

17. Pink Floyd: The Wall

This can be seen as one of the greatest movies for surround sound with the ever classic sounds of Pink Floyd coming full swing through each musical note.

A lot of songs and music have been included in this movie. You will see how the actors go from stage to stage to create a remarkable piece of music. Not only that, you get to listen to these songs and music from the comfort of your home.

Honorable Mentions

There are just way too many great movies with good sound effect for surround to be included into this list.

Kung Fu Panda series – You may think that animation does not have any great surround sound effect, hold your thought until you watch it.

Pearl Harbour – Great sound effect from great battles with gun fires and bombs dropping all over the screen. You get to immerse into the movie during the attack on Pearl Harbour.

Gladiator – Another great war film that will never be forgotten. The battle scenes are epic especially during the fight in the Coliseum.

Inception – Get the immersive experience through your dreams. You will see how the audio effect plays perfectly in this movie. You will feel the tense and experience the movie as real as possible.

Terminator 2 Judgement Day – This is the epic movie from the 90’s. We believe that everyone has seen this movie and agrees that the sound effect is just great.


If we have missed out any of the great movies with great sound effect, do let us know by leaving your comments below. We would love to hear your opinion about this list.

Thus, feel free to drop us and share with us your thoughts below.

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    hope you enjoy the movies i mentioned. buy .

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