The Yamaha NS-SW300 Subwoofer Speaker Review

Yamaha NS-SW300 subwoofer

If you haven’t heard of Yamaha then it is quite possible that you have been spending much of your time on the moon or maybe in the desert (although with the latter you might have been on one of their bikes).

The huge multinational corporation was founded and is still based in Japan, and is synonymous with forward thinking products formed from luxury materials.… Click to read more

Samsung HW-J550 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

samsung HW-J550 sound bar 1

This is another great sound bar from Samsung, the HW-J550, with the 2.1 channel sound system and a wireless subwoofer.

Whether you are looking for a good performing home theatre speaker or a fantastic sound system for playing music, this sound bar from Samsung may easily meet your criteria.

Not only its design is attractive, but the subwoofer design also is unique and both the bar and the woofer match perfectly with your TV and blend beautifully in your living room.… Click to read more

LG LAS551H 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

LG LAS551H sound bar 1

Looking to improve the sound quality of your TV? Want to watch a movie with more kick and play music with the better audio system? Then you should check out the LG LAS551H sound bar.

It is the 2.1 channel sound system that comes with a wireless subwoofer. With the price of below $300, it has an excellent look with unique design and very decent sound quality.… Click to read more

Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

Sony, another reputable brand that has dwelled the electronics industry for a very long time, created a proven track record in the audio section too. With the HT-CT370, the 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer, it may be your perfect home theatre solution.

When you are sourcing for a home theatre speaker system, make sure you check out the Sony HT-CT370.… Click to read more

Philips CSS2133B/F7 Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker Review

Philips is a big American brand, and its reputation is well-known across the electronic industry. However, it the Philips CSS2133B/F7 soundbar speaker doing well in the audio market? We are going to find out here today.

With the increasing demand of good speakers in the market and the stricter specifications laid upon by customers for the perfect audio system that will suffice their best experience of listening habit, it is critical to consider a product of proper specifications and one that has already satisfied clients.… Click to read more

Panasonic SC-HTB65 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

The Panasonic SC-HTB65 is a straight-forward and simple-looking home theatre sound system that has an elegant design. It does not come with a subwoofer; instead, the subwoofer is built-in within the bar.

If you are looking for speakers to improve the sound quality from your TV while watching movies or listening to music and you don’t have space for a woofer, this might be a good choice.… Click to read more

Vizio S4251W-B4 5.1 Sound Bar System Review

vizio-s4251w-sound bar4

Vizio has been trying hard to produce something powerful and yet affordable for most. And with this Vizio S4251W-B4 sound bar 5.1 home theatre system, Vizio has reached a new feat.

This soundbar is the award-winning speaker of CNET’s Best of CES for the year 2013. It is created for incredible performance with creative features to deliver an outstanding audio experience for both audio and video.… Click to read more