JBL Cinema SB400 Review – Worth Your Money?

JBL is a well-known name in the audio industry. If you are looking for an excellent quality speaker, you cannot go without JBL. Their Cinema SB400 soundbar is a 2.1 channel speaker with high definition audio that promises to deliver exceptional sound quality.

In fact, this JBL Cinema SB400 is the upgrade version to the SB100. Of course, the SB100 is cheaper, and it is not comparable with this SB400.

The sound bar itself has 2 proper tweeters about 25mm with both driver speakers on the side delivering 120W of power. While the subwoofer size is about 8 inches and able to provide 200W power.

The Sound Bar Design

JBL Cinema SB400 soundbar

From its first look, JBL’s design is way too plain and straightforward. However, simple is always the key to sophistication, just like what Apple’s Steve Jobs has to say.

The sound bar has a dimension of 12.6 inches x 47.6 inches x 10.2 inches. The height may block some TV’s infrared receiver, so you need to be careful on the bar’s placement. It is 47 inches long. Therefore, the SB400 is suitable for TVs with 37” or above.

The speakers on the bar are covered with a metal grille, curvy on both ends and the buttons are on top of the sound bar. The bar itself comes with 2 small legs support the body. The overall sound bar design is simple and nothing fancy.

On the other side, the wireless subwoofer is square in shape like a cube. The bass reflex port is located on the front and smacks directly in the middle of the woofer. It looks a little awkward with a hole in a box in your living hall.

The design of JBL Cinema SB400 is just so-so. Most sound bars from other competitors have a better design and look more elegant than the JBLs. However, the sound and audio quality may be otherwise. Let’s check it out.

Features And Specifications

JBL Cinema SB400 soundbar

This sound bar comes with 3 HDMI Inputs, 1 Coaxial port, 1 Optical input and with Bluetooth connectivity. Most speakers these days come with the Bluetooth connection, and it makes your life simple when you want to connect the speaker to your mobile device.

One of the cool features from Cinema SB400 is that it has the exclusive Harman Display Surround technology. When you are watching a movie, the speaker adds the cinema surround sound without having you to add more speakers. It creates a virtual sound experience and in the same time, preserving the original sound mixes in the treble and balance.

Not only that, but it also comes with the Dolby Digital decoding function where the system decodes the audio into a native format that eliminates conversion stages that reduce the sound quality. With the Dolby Digital system, it gives an improvement to the surround-sound experience for multiple listeners.

The SB400 is easy to install and comes with the plug-and-play feature. You can connect the sound bar to any TV, and it requires no setup. You just need to plug it, and then you can play it. This is a very convenient option for people who are not technical with electronics.

Apart from that, it also has the dual-position equalization feature. You can place the SB400 anywhere you want, on top of the table, on the shelf, or even wall-mount, and with the dual equalization function, the soundbar’s performance can be optimized for any location. This feature improves the overall audio quality and performance through adjusting of the equalizer.

What People Are Saying About The JBL SB400

jbl-cinema-sb400-sound bar1

So what are people saying about this soundbar? Most people are satisfied and feel great about its sound quality and performance. Most claimed that the Bluetooth connection works correctly, the 3 HDMI inputs are good, and the subwoofer is wireless and uses the RF that makes the pairing stable and consistent.

The sound it produces is excellent, and the subwoofer has powerful bass. This is especially true if you listen from the sweet spot. The effect from the sound is profound, and you can hear the distinct surround and other effects.

Some people said that the sound was super clear and in the same time it can be very loud and vibrant. And with the equalizer, you can adjust according to your preferences. The sound quality is just perfect for both movies and music.

Conversely, some people are totally unsatisfied with the Cinema SB400. They said that it is not worth the price, and it is very expensive. Most who are not satisfied with the speaker claimed that it broke down after a few months. And some even comes with faulty buttons.

So far, most people who bought it have no complained about the sound quality. The most complaints are from the defects and faulty issue.

Where To Buy And The Price

If you check it out from JBL official site for this SB400, you will see that it is selling at the price of $499. However, if you head over to Amazon, you will see that Amazon is listing this item at the price of $444. You save about $50 if you get it from Amazon. (Prices may vary and different now, please check for updates)

You can buy this JBL Cinema SB400 from Amazon, click here.

The Conclusion

Overall, the JBL Cinema SB400 is considered a little overpriced, but the sound quality and the audio it produces are remarkable. If your budget is below $500, you definitely want to check out this sound bar before you make any decision.

JBL is a famous brand in the audio world. Thus, the sound quality, the clearness of the audio, the subwoofer’s power, and the overall performance will never be under-deliver.

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