LG LAS551H 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

Looking to improve the sound quality of your TV? Want to watch a movie with more kick and play music with the better audio system? Then you should check out the LG LAS551H sound bar.

It is the 2.1 channel sound system that comes with a wireless subwoofer. With the price of below $300, it has an excellent look with unique design and very decent sound quality.

Let’s take a thorough look at its design, specs, features, performances and what others are saying about it.

The Sound Bar Design

LG LAS551H sound bar 4

Being affordable is not the only good thing about the LG LAS551H sound bar, its design is certainly remarkable too. If you want to add a touch of elegance in your living room, this sound bar will certainly do the trick.

It has a black glossy color finish which would fit any living room or bed room. It also has curves in its edges so it would not be too boring like common sound bars. Also, those soft curved edges are easier for the eyes.

Both ends of the bar are silver metal colour, and the front driver speakers and tweeters are covered with a metal grille. The outlook is nice and beautiful. Unlike most sound bars on the market, the main bar has a round shape edge.

Its height of 2.01” and width of 35.04” would certainly fit anywhere in your TV cabinet. With this dimensions, you won’t have to worry that this sound bar might block your television. LG LAS551H Sound Bar also comes with mounting hardware, and so if you have a mounted television, you could mount the sound bar too. You don’t have to worry about it falling because it only weighs 6.2 pounds.

If you hate various intertwined wires behind your television cabinet or wires that would hang beneath your mounted television sets, which is both dangerous and messy, you will certainly like one of the features of its design.

In fact, the speaker design is almost the same as Samsung HWF450 sound bar that also comes with a wireless subwoofer and delivers a 2.1 channel sound system.

The LAS551H sound bar comes with the wireless feature and so if you want to play your music with this sound bar, you won’t have to plug-in your cables, you could just connect it wirelessly. Also, if your television has that wireless feature too, you could just sync them so it wouldn’t add up to the messy wires behind your TV cabinet.

This product also comes with a subwoofer which would also suit your taste. It has a height of 15.35 inches and width of 6.73 inches. It isn’t too big and will fit a place in your living room. Also, this speaker is not too heavy (12.6 lbs) and so it is easy to move around. This speaker also comes with the wireless feature, and so you won’t have to worry about any cables to be installed.

Specifications and Features

LG LAS551H sound bar 2

Looks aren’t everything with the  LAS551H sound bar; it also has amazing features. Along with the affordable price and outstanding design, this product will continue to shock you with its specifications.

This sound bar and the subwoofer that comes with it may be small, but it is certainly very powerful. Its front speakers come in 60W x 2, while its subwoofers come it 200W. With these powerful speakers, you will experience an exceptional audio quality like never before.

If you are worried about your rising electric bill, you don’t have to worry about adding this product to your problem because it does not take up too much electricity. The power consumption of the sound bar is only 27W with a standby consumption of less than 0.5 W. Its subwoofer consumes 33W of power with a standby consumption of less than 0.5 W.

One of the best features of the LG LAS551H sound bar is its connections. It has Bluetooth wherein you could connect your phones and tablets to readily play your music. It also has LG TV Sound Sync, which would enable you to sync your televisions with the sound bar without using any cable wires.

However, if you are not using an LG TV, this product also have an HDMI input wherein you could plug-in your televisions. This product also has a wireless active subwoofer which will deliver high-quality sound without being connected to any cable wires.

This product also comes in with some accessories. It comes with a remote control with batteries, optical cable, USB gender and wall mount bracket.

Sound quality is definitely what consumers would look forward to when buying products as a sound bar and LAS551H don’t let you down on this. Just like other sound bars, it could support treble and bass; its audio mode can be set to standard, cinema or music, but it does not end there. It also comes with Dolby Digital and DTS surround system.

Both of these audio systems are world standards that would guarantee the consumers that they are buying a high-quality product.

With this product’s sound system, Dolby Digital and DTS surround system, you will certainly have an amazing movie experience. You will experience entering the world of the movies you watch and feeling like being in a concert with the music that you play.

Here’s a similar sound bar you may want to check out – the Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

The Performance


LG LAS551H sound bar 3

The sound bar delivers sound with outstanding quality. With the use of this sound bar, you can have an amazing movie experience. Unlike other sound bars which are having problems when it comes to music or would have problems in the bass, this product will not let you down.

This product has dual tweeters (60W x 2) and a wireless active subwoofer (200W) which is very powerful and will change the way you experience your movies.

When you try it to watch movies, the sound the speaker produces is incredible. The main driver speakers did a great job. The only issue is with the subwoofer. Probably the subwoofer may be a little under-perform. However, the sound quality is good and you cannot really tell if the subwoofer is under-perform, unless if you increase the volume a lot.

With the Dolby Digital and DTS surround system, this product will have no problems whether in regular videos, DVDs or even listening to music. It delivers bass with no fail and delivers high-quality sound at all times. The sound that would come out of those sound bars will be very clear, and all the sound effects of your movies would be delivered perfectly. Overall, this product will certainly change the way you experience your movies, videos and music.

You might be interested with the Philips CSS2133B/F7 soundbar as well because the specifications and features for the LG LAS551H are almost similar.

What Others Are Saying About It

LG LAS551H sound bar 1

Affordability, style, wireless feature and best sound quality, the LG LAS551H sound bar is certainly the full package. It has ranked #23 as Amazon’s best seller for the category of sound bars, #374 for the speaker category and it has received good product ratings.

Buyers were very pleased with this product and had rated the product four to five stars. They are also very pleased that it is very easy to set up, and it is a mix of good price and quality.

When you check out the reviews on Amazon, you will see that there are a lot of positive reviews about the LG LAS551H. A lot of people are amazed at its sound performance, and it exceeded most people’s expectation.

Most people are satisfied with the sound quality and claimed that it is easy to set up, and its design looks nice. Basically, with the black colour body and silver end on both sides, it matches most TVs and enhances the outlook of your AV area.

The sound it produces is clear and crisp. The subwoofer has strong bass and powerful low. One user said that he was incredibly fulfilled with a decent size living hall plus the home theatre system. The sound is just nice and improves the TV’s audio quality to a higher level.

The downside is that when you turn the volume higher, the bass level does not seem to increase a lot. Therefore, the subwoofer may not be strong enough for a big living space or when you turn the volume higher.

Apart from that, there are no significant issues with this LG sound bar. The sound quality is amazing, and the subwoofer performs just beautiful. Unless you are someone who is very into bass, else this might be your ideal choice.

Where To Buy And The Price

When you check out LG’s official website, the retail price of LAS551H is at $269.99. However, when you check from Amazon, you can get the price at $267, not a big different, but you can add in the HDMI cable at a discount from Amazon.

You will also be getting the free shipping services that deliver the sound bar to your door step. The handy wall-mounting hardware will also come along in the package.

You can buy this LG LAS551H directly from Amazon, click here.


Overall, the design of this sound bar is nice and elegant. It has a distinctive outlook and not just plain rectangle bar. The sound quality is good, and the subwoofer delivers the bass with deep lows.

If you have a budget of $300 or below, the LG LAS551H may just be your right choice.

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