LG NB3530A Review – Sound Bar With Wireless Subwoofer

LG is a big brand and they have all kinds of electrical products ranging from mobile phones to sound bars. And today we will be looking into the LG NB3530A review. Everyone knows about LG and most likely you have some LG products in your house as well, but what about their sound bars? Are they good enough?

This is a 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer. It is designed for delivering a powerful sound system at your home. The LG NB3530A is slim and matches for TVs that are 42 inches or below.

The Specifications and Design

First, it comes with black glossy design casing that makes it looks grand and luxury. Some manufacturers prefer to use cloth grille to cover the speaker, and some apply with metal grilles surround the bar, but this LG is all black and in long rectangular shape, making it less spectacular.

The LG NB3530A has a length of 37.4 inches, 2 inches in width and a height of 2.8 inches. It is thin enough that it will never block the infrared detector on your TV. And because it is thin, you can just put it on the table than or mount it on the wall.

It has 17.7 pounds and will be just fine if you want to mount it on the wall too. Due to its length, this LG soundbar matches perfectly with TVs that are 42” or below. It has 2.1 channels and comes with a wireless subwoofer.

The tweeter and the main driver speakers on both sides are not covered and unprotected. It looks elegant but in the same time, susceptible to dust, and if you have kids in your home, you need to be very careful as children may feel curious and wanted to poke the speakers.

The LG Wireless Sub Woofer

LG NB3530A soundbar

When you purchase this soundbar, it also comes with the wireless subwoofer that it will automatically connect to the sound bar when you turn it on.

The best thing about going wireless is so that you do not have so many wires to handle. It improves the overall appearance of your AV system because of it has fewer wires to manage.

This LG sound system gives you a total power output of 300 Watt, which is considered real power compared to other similar competitors on the market.

The LG NB3530A Features

LG NB3530A soundbar3

From its physical appearance, you can see that it comes with two optical digital input, which is a huge plus point for this sound bar. And it has the Bluetooth feature that you can connect using your phones or any tablet devices like an iPad.

Furthermore, there is also a USB port that you can connect with any memory stick or pen drive for the direct playing of media files. Most sound bars did not come with a USB port and thank God that you have the port with this sound system.

Apart from that, the subwoofer volume level is adjustable as well. There goes another big plus point for NB3530A soundbar. You can play with the woofer volume and sync it with your TV. Both the sound bar and the subwoofer have excellent integration, and you can hear the sound synchronize correctly.

There are also a few modes of sound effect for you to try out as well. It has the ‘bass boost’, ‘natural’, ‘3D surround’, ‘night mode’, ‘clear voice’, ‘game’, ‘loudness’ and even the ‘upscaler’ to choose from.

What People Say About NB3530A

LG NB3530A soundbar

Most individuals who have bought this sound bar are satisfied with its performance. This LG sound system produces good sound with reasonable price. And it surpasses most of the TVs sound and significantly improves the sound from the TV.

However, some people are complaining that the auto-on feature when you switch on your TV does not work properly. Meaning, when you turn on or off your TV, the LG sound bar did not follow. It may be due to different TV brands and connection issue.

Other than that, some people did mention that it does not work with a universal remote controller. This product did come with a remote control, but if you lost it or it spoils, you need to be aware as sometimes a universal controller may not be compatible with it.

Most people love this LG sound bar design, and you get good reviews from its performance. It connects effortlessly with your phones via Bluetooth and its auto on and off feature with the subwoofer is works seamlessly.

Where To Buy And The Price

Well, if you check it out from Amazon, the price is at $184.99 while the retail price is at $299.99. And like most products, this soundbar speaker comes with a free 60-day tech support. If you need additional, you can call LG directly. Prices may vary as of now.

You can buy this LG NB3530A sound bar from Amazon, click here.

The Conclusion

After going through this LG NB3530A review, would you want to grab this sound system? Well, it has an overall sleek and beautiful design. Its performance did improve your TV sound system. The only downside is probably the sub woofer bass may not be as strong as other higher end competitor.

However, it did depends on the space you are projecting the sound. It works great if you have small to medium space for it. Overall, this LG NB3530A is a great soundbar with wireless subwoofer, and it has a reasonable price tag at below $200.

If you are looking at a decent small home theatre sound system with a price below $200, this LG sound bar may be your best choice. Consider the discounted price from Amazon; it has a high value for money.

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