Panasonic SC-HTB65 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

The Panasonic SC-HTB65 is a straight-forward and simple-looking home theatre sound system that has an elegant design. It does not come with a subwoofer; instead, the subwoofer is built-in within the bar.

If you are looking for speakers to improve the sound quality from your TV while watching movies or listening to music and you don’t have space for a woofer, this might be a good choice.

This sound bar provides you with the flexibility you need, and you can, therefore, set it up in any way you want. You can get two different layouts by rotating it at 90 degrees – both for TV with stand and wall mounted.

It has a built-in sensor which detects the direction of the bar automatically and switches directional characteristics to ensure that they are matching the layout. Expanding the sound field in upper front TV screen area allows the Clear-mode Dialog to provide a greater depth.

This also makes the voices to sound as if they are coming from the centre of the TV screen. The device can fit in any room interior.

So regardless of whether you are putting it on top of your TV table or mounting it onto the wall, the front speaker will automatically detect the position and switch the directional characteristic, clever.

The Design

panasonic sc-htb65 soundbar1

If you need a fairly standard bar, then the SC-HTB65 with built-in subwoofer should be your most ideal choice. The product is about 39” wide and approximately 2.5” high.

It has the perfect match for TVs about 40” or higher. From the first look, you will see that the design is extremely thin and like a rectangular bar. The design is quite simple, and it does not look complicated at all.

It looks very plain and ordinary. Some people will prefer to go for a unique design such as the Yamaha YAS105, which also has a built-in subwoofer and almost about the same price.

In its front, Panasonic SC-HTB65 features a row of indicators that negates the need for information display. As a result, you can simply input sources and change the speaker mode while knowing the active mode and the active input source.

Changing the input source is also easier, and you can also adjust the volume level from the side of your sound bar. Moreover, the product features compact remote control that you can use to make some other adjustments, and its use is also easier.

Panasonic has also released SC-HTB70, which is more similar but on the higher end regarding price. The device boasts extra stands that allow you to position your sound bar at various angles. The HTB65 does not have these features and therefore you will be forced to position your sound bar upwards at 0 degrees.

At this angle, the sound bar will still project an audio of higher quality. In addition to this limitation, the added wall mount brackets allow positioning of the sound bar at 90-degree angle.

To ensure that you have properly mounted the bar to the wall, the producer includes a pair of safety holders in the package. To add more safety, you can consider the optional fall prevention cord. But what this product lacks is the detachable design which is available in some models such as SC-HTB770.

Panasonic Sound Bar Remote Control

panasonic sc-htb65 soundbar remote

The remote is rather small and from the way the LED display on the bar, you cannot see it clearly from the sofa. You will need to mount the bar on the wall to see clearly or else you will just need to get used to it.

The remote does not come with a lot of buttons. It is simple and probably too thin and small that you don’t feel comfortable holding it. You can control the dialog volume and the subwoofer volume from the remote, which is a good feature.

Specifications and Features

As a user, you will have an easier time during the installation. The installation process simply involves the attaching of included power cord to sound bar and plugging it directly into an outlet.

After you have found the ideal position and you have mounted the device as you desire, you may choose to connect the sound bar to the TV directly using an optical digital audio cable. And, if you have a set-top box, you can use the included audio inputs.

As a user, you shouldn’t worry about linking a wireless subwoofer or connecting one because the producer has already integrated one in the device. The sound bar works with any component connected to the television directly and therefore Panasonic doesn’t incorporate any HDMI ports into this soundbar. And it is a sad to see that this sound bar does not come with the HDMI port.

And, for the portable devices, the Panasonic SC-HTB65 features built-in Bluetooth which is highly important. This is because most high-end and low-end devices feature Bluetooth.

In other words, you can easily pair up your portable devices like your phones with Panasonic SC-HTB65 and also stream music wirelessly without the need of any fancy apps. To link and unlink your devices, the remote control features a special Bluetooth button.

This sound bar did come with the Dolby Digital and DTS decoding with Virtual Speaker characteristics that boost the surround sound effect.

The manufacturer also includes its in-house 3D surround effect to the speakers, improving the immersive experience and giving the audience a wider sound coverage.

The Performance

panasonic sc-htb65 soundbar3

Considering the soundbar price of under $300, the Panasonic SC-HTB65 is among the lower-end products.

Therefore, its overall sound quality is below the average when compared with some other higher priced sound bars. However, the Panasonic SC-HTB65 can be a good upgrade if the built-in TV speakers are limiting.

Its integrated subwoofer is not as powerful as the many separate subwoofers available in the market, but it will still provide some bass. To increase the range and to allow the sensor to automatically detect the layout, you should mount the sound bar. This allows automatic switching of the directional characteristics.

Playing with some controls that improve the overall sound quality is still possible regardless of the position of the sound bar. The remote control has plus and minus buttons that allow easier adjustment of the subwoofer and the dialog levels. Therefore, there will be no need of crawling through the available menus.

To add more clarity to the vocals which will help a lot especially when you are watching TV programs or movies, you should raise the dialog levels. Another good idea would be to experiment with various combinations depending on the exact content you are watching.

A quick example: you can reproduce a natural sound from a movie if you maintain lower dialog levels while keeping the subwoofer level higher. The Clear-mode Dialog feature will also stimulate an effect of vocals which originate from the centre of your TV.

If you are a movie enthusiast, you can try to switch the devices sound mode to Cinema. This will improve the overall quality of the sound. Depending on the occasion, you can also try some other modes which include Stadium, Stereo, Music, News, and Standard.

What other people are saying about it

The SC-HTB65 users have expressed their satisfaction with this product on their reviews in Most of them state that this is an attractive sound bar particularly due to its smart two-way layout and discreet design.

They are also happy with the sound quality which is louder and more dynamic contrary to what you expect with most TV speakers. But most of the movie fans who hoped for deeper and room filling bass were left disappointed.

According to them, most of the action scenes lacked punch and as a result, they had to consider rival sound basses and sound bars mostly from JBL, Vizio, LG, and Samsung.

If you want to have a strong bass, sound bar with built-in subwoofer will not be a wise choice for you. This is because usually the built-in subwoofer speaker has a limited size and the bass reflex port will be small too. Thus, the bass produced by this built-in subwoofer will be weaker.

However, if you are looking for an upgrade for a better overall sound quality for your TV, you should buy this Panasonic SC-HTB65. The overall sound performance and bass will be greatly improved, and more importantly, you don’t have to manage the speaker so much. It will be just the setup and then plug-and-play.

And a lot of people are satisfied with its Clear mode Dialog feature. They said that you could hear the conversation clearly and crisp. Most people found the sound quality to be amazing and so far, the setup has been extremely easy.

Overall, this sound bar system is good for smaller space for performance. And when it goes to a bigger space, you probably will feel the weaker bass and lower performance from it.

Where To Buy And The Price

Checking from Amazon, you will see the price tag for this sound bar is at $240.53, but you will need to pay an additional $5.99 for shipping if you purchase it. (Prices may vary, please check for updates)

Considering the many important features Panasonic includes in the device and at product at the price of below $300, it is worth considering.

In the same time, you may want to check out the Best Soundbar Under $300. You can make a comparison and see what the other alternatives you can get on the market besides Panasonic.

You can buy this Panasonic SC-HTB65 from Amazon today, click here.

The Conclusion

The Panasonic SC-HTB65 is a great choice for people searching for a quality device. However, it all depends on your demand and the space you would like it to setup.

The SCHTB65 is a great 2.1 channel sound bar. It is not for people who are looking for powerful bass and wanted to set up a serious home theatre system. Conversely, it will be perfect for people who don’t spend so much time playing with speakers and wanted something simple but with quality improvement to their TV sound.

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