Philips CSS2133B/F7 Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker Review

Philips is a big American brand, and its reputation is well-known across the electronic industry. However, it the Philips CSS2133B/F7 soundbar speaker doing well in the audio market? We are going to find out here today.

With the increasing demand of good speakers in the market and the stricter specifications laid upon by customers for the perfect audio system that will suffice their best experience of listening habit, it is critical to consider a product of proper specifications and one that has already satisfied clients.

Considering the price and quality, the Philips CSS2133B soundbar is probably one that stands a proof of customer need. This speaker will undoubtedly increase the quality of the sound of your television. It is also very perfect for people who want to have awesome gaming and music listening experience.

The soundbar is versatile and also very compatible with various consoles and can support other devices for a remarkable connectivity and portability.

With its world-class manufacturer, Philips tries to penetrate into the lower end market with this soundbar. Its specifications and well-derived details were created to ensure that it serve all your audio needs.

Here’s a very comprehensive description of the design, specifications, performance, and customer’s review of this must-have speaker.

The Design

Philips CSS2133BF7 soundbar2

When you take a look at the Philips CSS2133B, you will notice that the shape is excellent with a curvy edge. It is not a rectangular bar that looks plain like most other sound bars. The black finish enhances the physical overall look of this speaker.

It looks nicer and more elegant with a strip of metal grey colour plastic at the back. This is also where light indicators for functions such as ‘surround’ and inputs are located.

The LED indicators are located on top, which can be an issue and you cannot see them clearly. This happens to a lot to other soundbar speakers with the display on top of the bar. Luckily this is not a big issue; you can still use a remote to control it.

The bar itself is covered with a black colour cloth grille. With both front driver speakers at both end and the tweeters, plus an external subwoofer, this soundbar improves your overall audio system for your TV.

The dimension of the central unit is 2.6” x 27.9” x 1.9” and its weight including the packaging reaches up to 10.4 pounds, with the main unit weighing only 2.3 pounds.

By far, this is one of the shortest sound bars covered in Sound Like Now. It is a perfect match for TVs with 32 inches or above. The bar’s length is only about 28 inches.

With the height of only 2.6”, you can rest assured that it will never block the infrared sensor for your TV. The speaker has a very slim design and can just be placed beside the television and other equipment in your home. It has a very fitting size which makes it perfect for any location inside your home.

Please take note that you cannot mount this Philips soundbar on the wall. It does not come with the mounting jack. Therefore, the only way is to put it on the base of your TV. Make sure you have enough space for it.

Specifications and Features

Philips CSS2133BF7 soundbar3

Even though the Philips CSS2133B/F7 soundbar speaker is undeniably thinner than most speakers, it comes with all sorts of features and the sound quality is good.

The speaker supports treble and bass control and also has virtual surround sound system. Its sound system is Dolby Digital with a speaker output of 15 W x 2 and a subwoofer output power of 30 W.

Its integrated connection is through Bluetooth and can also be connected to your mobile device and has rear connections including a digital coaxial in and out, a subwoofer in, and AUX in. The power consumption of Philips CSS2133B is 20 W and its power supply up to 110 V and 50/60 W, with a standby power consumption of 0.21 W.

A power cord, battery, quick start guide, World Wide Warranty Leaflet, remote control, Trademarks Sheet, and Safety and Legal Leaflet are included in the complete package of this soundbar.

The Virtual Surround Sound feature gives this speaker a more realistic movie experience. It can create the effect of a 5.1 channel environment when you watch a movie. Apart from that, it also comes with the Dolby Digital make the sound more spatial and gives you the immersive experience.

Other than that, this soundbar speaker also includes the ‘Music iLink’ that allows you to connect your mobile device or even laptop computer to it. You just need to plug it the 3.5mm normal stereo cable will do.

The Performance

The Philips CSS2133B/F7 soundbar can deliver amazing sound quality. Don’t forget that it is equipped with dual Mylar tweeters and there are also dual woofers within the bar itself. Plus the external subwoofer, it will blow you away and transform your listening experience.

The bass is strong and powerful, but at times, it is too low and at times, the bass does not deliver. The overall sound quality is outstanding. The sound the speaker produces is clear and crisp. You can hear the dialogue clearly, and when you are listening to music, the speaker performance is good.

For movie experience, this sound bar totally adds up the power and sound quality. For music and song, the performance may be a little not as good compared to other sound bars. However, it did perform much better than with your TV alone.

What Others Are Saying About It

Philips CSS2133BF7 soundbar1

Most people who owned the Philips CSS2133B/F7 soundbar say it is worth the money. They are satisfied with its performance and quality sound system, especially the surround effect it produces.

Some people have tried hooking this speaker with an Apple TV and praised how it has improved the experience of watching movies or any shows with a theater-like sound experience. Some claimed that the sound of the speaker was crisp and clean with its bass that functions amazing.

With its channel and simulated surround sound system, satisfied users added that the sound is great and filling. It also has splendid sound reproduction and sounds even better at higher decibels or loudness. The sound quality is rated to be a wow factor and users were not expecting the good quality of the sound considering its lightness and small size.

Music lovers surely loved how their equipment seemed when they used this speaker. The deep bass drum kick, the huge crashes of the cymbals, and the cracks of the snare drum are commendable. The bass is also really tight, and the dialog or words and the music are a perfect combination.

On the other hand, some people did complain saying that the sound quality is not as good. They stated that the volume is too low, and some have the difficulty with remote control saying that it is not compatible with their TV’s remote.

If your living space is big, probably this soundbar may not be suitable for you. According to Amazon’s review, some said that the sound produces from the speaker is not as powerful as they imagine. Conversely, those who have a smaller living space are satisfied with the sound performance.

Another downside for this speaker is that it does not come with any buttons on the bar itself. It means that you will have to rely 100% on the remote control for adjustments.

Where To Buy Philips CSS2133B And Price

The speaker is available on Amazon and can come at a discount and free shipping services.

You can get used units for less than $100. However, we strongly encourage you to go for a new unit as electronics items are less reliable when it comes to a refurbished unit.

You can buy this Philip CSS2133B sound bar from Amazon now, click here.


If you are looking for the best soundbar that is below $300, the Philips CSS2133B/F7 might be your number choice. The sound quality it produces is amazing, and it has a sleek design.

Considering the price of below $300, it is worth the money, and you will be able to enhance greatly the overall sound performance of your TV. Regardless of whether you are watching a movie or listening to songs, this soundbar speaker will give you a more fulfilling audio listening experience.

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