Samsung HW-J550 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

This is another great sound bar from Samsung, the HW-J550, with the 2.1 channel sound system and a wireless subwoofer.

Whether you are looking for a good performing home theatre speaker or a fantastic sound system for playing music, this sound bar from Samsung may easily meet your criteria.

Not only its design is attractive, but the subwoofer design also is unique and both the bar and the woofer match perfectly with your TV and blend beautifully in your living room.

The Sound Bar Design

samsung HW-J550 sound bar 2

The Samsung HW-J550 sound bar comes equipped with a Wireless Active Subwoofer that will make it hard for you to ignore the sound of music streaming from the classically designed sound bar.

With power added to its dynamic bass, you will embrace the feel of being a part of the entertainment or action in play be it a favourite sports game that you are anticipating, a must-watch reality TV show or a movie that just drives you into the acting scene.

The HW-J550 gives you the feel of a customized home theatre that abides by your law of entertainment.

If you look at it on the outside, you will see that the main bar is plain ordinary rectangular bar-shape speaker. On the contrary, if you check out the subwoofer, you will notice that the subwoofer design is different than another speaker system.

You will see that the shape is not the usual subwoofer shape; it looks more like a briefcase box. Instead of looking thin and high from the from, it looks square like a suitcase.

The main bar has the built-in front LED display, which is a wise design because most sound bar’s display is on top and it is difficult to see. And the driver speakers and tweeters are covered with a black metal grille.

The Samsung HW-J550 weighs 3.8lb with a shipping weight of 23.6lb. The subwoofer’s net weight is 15lb. The product’s dimension is 37.15″ x 2.20″ x 2.58″ with a shipping dimension of 39.37″ x 18.90″ x 8.11″.

The Specifications

samsung HW-J550 sound bar 3

The sound bar comes with a TV Sound Connect that gives you the freedom to choose your entertainment choice from the cluster-free system. The sound offered by the TV Sound Connect is much more impactful as a compliment of the perfect pixels highlighted on the TV screen.

The sound to your ears will take you to the concert arena where its loud play is live. An instant glimpse at a streaming movie will grow you on your chair until its ending. This Samsung sound bar’s streaming audio from the TV Sound Connect is a spell that will get you entertained.

The Bluetooth Power On of the Samsung HW-J5550 will give you the power to control your sound bar wirelessly via a one-touch control sequence from any remote Bluetooth-compatible devices within a specified access radius. It follows simple set-up routine steps that involve selecting the desired sound bar for pairing and subsequently powering it automatically for you to embrace a seamless stream of home entertainment without moving a muscle from your relaxing posture.

The Samsung HW-J550 Sound Bar embraces the compliment of the Samsung Audio remote App that gives you smart control over your entertainment system.

No more configurations of manual settings that will involve getting you out of your comfort zone and no more looking for lost or misplaced remote control of your entertainment system. All you need is your Smartphone, the one thing that is never out of your sight. All you have to do is access and install the Samsung Audio Remote App, and you will have the power to control your entertainment from the mobile phone.

The 7 inch ported bass reflex subwoofer to go along with this sound bar will force you to salute the power feel exhibited through your favourite TV shows and movies. The built-in woofers will enhance the audio of your TV towards the production of a rich bass sound profiled by the compact sound bar.

With a total power output of 320W that is subsequently an inclusion of the wireless subwoofer’s 160W and the sound bar’s 160W; the Samsung HW-J550 sound bar will allocate you with an allowance of dynamically rich audio to add to your home theatre setup setting.

The Surround Sound Expansion characterizes HW-J550 sound bar to be fully powered and in-depth in its movies and TV shows experiences. The audio experience is wholly optimized, and you get to limit the radius of your entertainment sound. You get to have a say in how far your entertainment sound should reach.

The HDMI Input/output connection facilitates the transmission of digital audio and video through a single cable and ensures that its delivery echoes entertainment superiority regarding experience.

The Features

The sound bar comes in black with a total power consumption of 320W. It features a Samsung Audio Remote App and a Crystal Amp Pro. Its audio processing is through DTS 2 Ch and Dolby Digital 2 Channel. Its video features are through the 3D video pass. The speakers in play are the Vented Enclosure Speaker, the Surround Sound Expansion, and the wireless active subwoofer.

Its connectivity is hosted by the audio return channel, HDMI inputs, HDMI out, optical inputs, USB, Bluetooth, TV sound connect, an auto power link, aux input, and Bluetooth the power on functionality.

The Performance

samsung HW-J550 sound bar 1

The Samsung HW-J550 Soundbar performance attributes are characteristically powerful and lively, and your TV’s weedy speakers will no longer have a say on the sound quality of your entertainment. Clarity and confidence are sureties in your living room whether your source of entertainment is just music, movies, or TV shows.

Honestly, HW-J550 lacks a valve amp and thus, the richness of its sound quality cannot depict a velvety description and thus you might not fully embrace the dazzle engrossed by the entertainment system.

However, when it comes to the movie soundtracks, it is even-handed and robust. The engaging sound produced is a compliment of the deep bass, full-bodied midrange, and the crisp treble of the sound bar.

Despite the stated drawback, it is entirely error free when it comes to scene engagement on an entertainment platform when engaging your mind through that thriller or action movie you have wanted to watch for a long time through the sound bar speaker.

The only caution should be the regulation of the system’s volume to a sensible level as too much of it might strain its touch, and you will no longer feel the smooth sound streaming through your ear drums.

The ability of the HW-J550 offers an impressive agility due to the tight lock of the sub’s solid bass. Finding the right balance to the entertainment system is not as difficult as speculated as it assists in preventing the booming effect of the system through taking out the box.

The subwoofer offers some appreciative subtle bass support due to its clear and fully based body. The Surround Sound Expansion takes away the entertainment effect from the screen’s edges and opens the stage by bringing it to your feel. This feature creates the effects and lets the sound run through your ears.

The thorny side of the sound bar might be the close competition from its adversaries regarding price but the HW-J550 humbles its entire competitor in the market regarding superiority in sound quality as the smoothness of its streaming video, and audio performance can even awaken a deafened ear.

What Others Are Saying About It

samsung HW-J550 sound bar review

Overall, if you check out the reviews on Amazon, you will see than a lot of people love this sound bar and its performance. It has a very high rating and positive reviews.

Most people are satisfied with its sound quality. A lot says that you will never regret or feel unworthy with the Samsung HW-J550. The sound quality will blow you away. The bass produces from the subwoofer is powerful enough, and the sound quality from the main bar is just nice.

For its outlook and design, most people say that it matches perfectly with their TVs, and the design is attractive. The subwoofer design stands out than the rest, and you will never look back to utilize your TV’s speaker again.

It boosts the performance of the audio and gives you the sound quality you looking for.

On the other hand, there’s only a small group of users gave a 1-star rating to this sound bar. Most of them are disappointed with its connectivity and sound quality. Some said that the connection with the TV is a headache while others said that the sound bar does not perform at all.

If you look at the reviews and rating as a whole, the Samsung HW-J550 sound bar is a great speaker. It gives you the immersive experience when watching movies and the subwoofer able to delivers powerful bass with low frequencies perfectly.

Where To Buy And The Price

When you check it out from official Samsung website, you will see that the price is at $379.99, however, if you get it from Amazon, the price is $377.99 for a new set and a used set, the price is from $218.27.

If you get this sound bar from Amazon, you will also be getting the $50 Amazon Gift Card, which makes the deal more interesting.

You can buy the Samsung HW-J550 from Amazon, click here.

The Conclusion

Overall, the Samsung HW-J550 is an amazing sound bar. The sound quality it produces is good, and the subwoofer is powerful. If you are looking for a decent quality sound bar to improve your home theatre sound system, check out this sound bar.

Considering the price of below $400, this sound bar is well worth the price and the sound will impress you. You will never want to go back to your TV speaker once you have used this sound bar.

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