Samsung HWF450 Sound Bar Review

Samsung is a big name in the electronic industry. From their famous smartphones to selling TVs and speaker system, this Samsung HW-F450 sound bar looks different from other competitors.

If you are planning to get yourself a soundbar, Samsung may be a wise choice because they are reliable and a big brand. It is much better than to buy from a brand that you never heard of and that you never know how it will perform.

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When you are looking at Samsung’s products, the chances are good that you may already own a few from this big brand in your home. Samsung has the top-notch TVs and if you want to have a sound system that works perfectly with the TV, getting a Samsung sound bar is not a bad idea. After all, both the television and the speaker would be from the same manufacturer and tend to connect more seamlessly.

Samsung has produced many sound bars, so do you need to go for this HW-F450 model? Read on to find out more.

Specification And Design

Samsung-HWF450-sound bar1

The first look at this sound bar is beautiful and elegant. It has the dimension of 38.3 x 18 x 9.6 inches. It is a perfect match for 42” TVs or smaller. Also comes with a Samsung wireless subwoofer that has a rectangular shape design.

Looking at the soundbar’s thin body, it ‘s nice to be mounted on the wall, or you could just place it on the table or your TV console. It has a height of only 2.8 inches, which makes it perfect to be placed under your TV without blocking the infrared control.

Take a look at its wireless subwoofer and you will notice that it is thin and high. Not every likes its design, though. However, the design did make it stand out among others.

When you purchase this product, it comes along with a wall bracket. And that means you do not have to buy additional or spend more to get a wall bracket, saves you some more.

The front driver speakers on both sides of the bar are unprotected, just like the Sharp HT-SB60. The speaker bar design is not as appealing because everything is in black color. If Samsung uses the silver driver speaker, it will stand out and looks more elegant.

Features And Performance

Samsung-HWF450-sound bar3

This audio bar as Samsung calls it, definitely improves the quality of the overall sound system. It has a dynamic and a high-performance subwoofer that connects automatically to the soundbar whenever you turn it on or off.

You can also connect other devices with the Samsung HWF450. You can play any songs from your mobile once the Bluetooth is connected. Creating convenience for you.

And when you are using Samsung brand TV, you can use the TV remote control to manage its speaker volume. Another huge plus when you are using the same TV brand is that you can use the SoundShare feature. It enables you to connect your Samsung TV with this Samsung HWF450 sound bar via Bluetooth, without using any cable. Please take note that this only works with certain Samsung TV models. It seriously helps a lot in reducing the numbers of cables you have to manage in your AV system.

It also features the HD sound system that enhances the audio performance. It will immerse you into a deep, full and fantastic acoustic surrounding. You can easily hear the sound effect of every instrument with better quality.

The soundbar also comes with a USB port where you can plug in the memory stick and play the media files directly from there. If you notice, it has 1 HDMI output and 4 HDMI inputs, which is considered more than enough for the most household audio system.

How To Connect Samsung Sound Bar

Samsung-HWF450-sound bar4

The connection for the wireless subwoofer is easy like all other sound bars. You just need to connect the power cord and turn it on, and it will connect automatically.

For the sound bar connection, use the HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI output on the sound bar and the HDMI input on your TV. Alternately, you can use the audio cable or the optical cable for the connection. All the options work and the easiest way is to use the HDMI cable.

If you have no idea how to connect, check the user manual or simply give a call to the support team will do.

The Sound Bar Remote Control

The remote control is small, and the design is beautiful. It is small in size, compact and comes with almost all functions of the remote controller. You can also connect the remote to the TV and use it to switch on or off or adjust the TV’s volume.

The 3D Sound Plus feature is also on the remote for you to choose. You can turn it on when watching a movie and off it when watching the news. The sound effect and modes include News, Drama, Cinema, Sports, Game, and OFF (original). Besides that, the Dolby Digital sound or the DRC is also there for you to choose.

What People Are Saying About It

Most people who bought this sound bar are satisfied with its performance. Saying that it has a reasonable sound system, and its wireless subwoofer connects smoothly with the soundbar and the sound sync correctly.

It is easy to setup and easy to use. Most people have no significant issue with this soundbar and most claimed that it has improved their sound system, and its design is versatile.

The overall sound quality is good and it did delivers its performance and improve the TV sound. When you are watching movies, the sound it delivers is powerful and clear. The subwoofer also gives a good low-frequency bass at the right time.

A lot of users compliment on its audio quality. The sound is just incredible and more than what most people expected. You will immerse yourself into the movie experience, and in the same time, enjoying it from the comfort of your home.

However, everyone’s preferences are different and everyone’s tastes are different too. It just cannot satisfy for all. Some people said that connect does not work correctly with their TVs. It might be due to a different brand or different models. Some did mention that the cables provided are low quality and suggest others to buy a better quality cable for better sound performance.

It did comes with sound presets that you can choose from such as “drama”, “movie”, or “news”, however, some complain that the sound is just mediocre and with high bass. Apart from that, some people said that it is not durable, and its sound quality deteriorates over time.

The rest of the reviews are good, and you can find out more from other users on Amazon. For a sound bar to work best, it depends on many factors such as the cables, the connectivity, the media file source, space, etc. Therefore, different people may face different issues from using this speaker. Some say it is great while some disagree.

Where To Buy The HW-F450 And The Price

You can get this sound bar easily from Amazon. Currently, it is selling at $299 for the new set while the used set starting from the price of $150.

And like most other items selling on Amazon, it will be covered under the return policy. Therefore, you can buy the product without having to worry about the defects or malfunction.

samsung hwf450 sound bar

The Conclusion

Overall, the Samsung HW-F450 sound bar has a remarkable sound quality, but the subwoofer may be a little under performs. It has a reasonable price tag and with Samsung’s lines of products, it is suggested that you use this sound bar together with other Samsung products, such as its TV.

If you look at its price and performance, it is a good sound system and justifies the price. And if you are not as demanding as an expert in the audio world, this Samsung soundbar might be the right choice for you.

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  1. Hi we just bought a Samsung sound bar HW F 450 set up was so easy it goes great with are Samsung tv and the sound is really good I would recommend this item as one of the best

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