Sharp HT-SB60 Soundbar System With Wireless Subwoofer Review

If you have a huge TV with of 60 inches or above, this Sharp HT-SB60 soundbar system will be perfect for you. It is a sound bar that specifically designed to match bigger TVs and to perform better at larger space.

Sharp is a famous brand in the electronic industry. They have all types of products ranging from kitchen appliances, air conditioner, speakers, TVs, and of course, sound bar system. If you are looking for a soundbar to match your TV, continue to read on to discover if this sound bar is suitable for you.

The Sound Bar Design

From the first look, the Sharp HTSB60 sound bar has a great design. It looks elegant in black, and it is super thin. It has a dimension of 57.2 inches x 8.34 inches x 18.37 inches. You do not have to mount this soundbar on the wall as it is thin and it will never obstruct your TV infrared control.

In fact, because it is so thin, it will look nicer if you put it on top of your TV console than to mount it. This Sharp sound bar overall design looks sleek, and its wireless subwoofer is tall and beautiful. This Sharp HTSB60 can match perfectly with any TV in your home.

Without a doubt, the outlook of this sound bar system is beautiful. It has 2.7 inches deep and 2.8 inches tall. It weighs about 7.9 pounds and finished in glossy black.

The tweeter and the driver speakers are unprotected, regarding design; it improves the look, but at the same time, might be dangerous especially if you have kids in your house. The bar looks elegant with the uncovered driver speakers.

The bar is incredibly long in shape and designed for 60” TVs, and above, it will look odd and unmatched if you put this sound bar with smaller size TVs.

As for the subwoofer, it is rectangular in shape, and the bass reflex opening is located in the front part. You can see the hole clearly while sitting in front of your TV. Some people prefer this design while others prefer the bass reflex port to be hidden or placed at the bottom. And woofer comes with two stands at the bottom.

The overall look for the sound bar is elegant and lovely. It is super thin and long, with a bright LED display on the front. The silver coloured main driver speakers on both ends match perfectly well with the black colour body.

The Sharp HT-SB60 Remote Control


When you look at the remote control, you can see a lot of buttons there. If you are using the Sharp TV, you can use the remote to control the TV as well.

The remote control covers all important functions at your fingertips. It has many buttons on it such as the volume up and down, subwoofer volume, source button, HDTV control, and more.
However, the design of the remote looks plastic and not high quality. The look is just pure and simple.

Specifications And Features

First, it comes with the Dolby/DTS decoders, giving you a better sound performance. Next, the sound bar itself has a power of 310 Watt, with 80 Watt for each channel and 150 Watt for the woofer. It has a flashing display and dimmer feature as well. The display is large enough and light with blue LED.

The Dolby Digital technology is designed to lower down the noise frequency to the audio signal. Thus, your ears cannot hear the noise with this technology. What it does is that it eliminates noise sound that is less important and enhances the sound that is important to you.

There are six sound modes for you to choose from: Cinema, Music, Game, Sport, News, and Night. And also, there is a 3D audio feature that allows the sound bar to delivers two levels of virtual surround sound. It is interesting to try out this feature with action movies.

How To Connect HTSB60 To Your TV

Sharp-HT-SB60-sound bar3

The first thing you need to do is to connect the power cable to the subwoofer. It is wireless subwoofer, and once you turn it on, it will automatically connect to the sound bar.

If your TV comes with the ARC input port, you can connect the sound bar to your TV via the HDMI cable. It is easy to do, just plug in the HDMI output from the sound bar to your TV’s HDMI (ARC) input. Alternatively, you can choose to use the optical cable for connection as well. Check the operating manual that comes along or simply call the support team for assistance.

A disadvantage for this Sharp soundbar is that it does not come with the Bluetooth connection. You cannot play any audio file from your mobile device without Bluetooth. You have to connect via another alternative.

What People Are Saying About This Sound Bar

Sharp-HT-SB60-sound bar2

The HT-SB60 gives a great sound performance. It is sound-rich, and the bass is deep. The bigger size woofer surely pays off when watching movies with great action. It gives a dynamic sound system and powerful home stereo experience.

However, some find it a challenge regarding achieving a balance between bass and treble. One of the biggest downsides is that it does not have a Bluetooth connection function.

Most people are satisfied with this Sharp HT-SB60 performance especially watching movies. It is powerful, and the sound is strong and profound. As for playing music, the performance will just normal and not as excellent as per expected.

This sound bar is perfect for bigger TVs and larger area. Some customers tried it with their 51” TV and still very happy with the performance. They were totally blown away. If you use Bluetooth connection a lot, this will not be a wise choice for you. You will have to connect via alternative ways such as mirroring or direct cable. The good news is that most people never use the Bluetooth anyway.

Some comment that because the bar itself is long; it can separate both sides channels and hence, improves the surround effect it delivers.

Where To Buy And The Price

The Sharp HT-SB60 sound bar is powerful, but it is considered a little pricey at a retail price of $499. If you get this item from Amazon, you are entitling to a whopping 36% discount on a final price of $319, which makes it very worthy.

For the price of $319 from Amazon to get a decent quality sound bar at 60 inches, it is considered a very reasonable price. Prices may vary, please check for updates.

You can buy this Sharp HT-SB60 from Amazon, just click here.

The Conclusion

This sound bar is designed to cater for medium to higher end market with bigger TV and space. And for the price that you are paying, especially if you get the discount from Amazon, it is a worthy purchase.

It will be difficult to get a big sound bar that matches a huge TV with 60” or above. Sharp produces the largest TVs in the world, no wonder they created a bigger soundbar to cater for this segment of the market.

Overall, the performance of HTSB60 is considered not bad. The sound is clear, and the bass is powerful. It adds the sound and audio quality you need when watching movies and listening to music.

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