Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel Sound Bar Review

Sony, another reputable brand that has dwelled the electronics industry for a very long time, created a proven track record in the audio section too. With the HT-CT370, the 2.1 channel soundbar that comes with a wireless subwoofer, it may be your perfect home theatre solution.

When you are sourcing for a home theatre speaker system, make sure you check out the Sony HT-CT370. It is an attractive sound bar worth checking out. It comes with unique design and decent sound quality.

Compare to its previous model, the HT-ST3, this new HT-CT370 performs better and comes with a more classy design. Let’s dive into the meat of this review.

The HT-CT370 Design

Sony HT-CT370 soundbar 1

The Sony HT-CT370 looks as good as it sounds, and just like the Sony product page claims. The packed design hides a 300 Watts of power under the skin. It is different not only because of its size but also for the different lines that Sony decided to give to the HT-CT370 to further differentiate itself among the products in this market.

While other producers in the market realized rectangular sound bars, Sony opted here for a diamond shape. The form is thickest in the middle and thinner at the top and bottom, so you can see and hear both the front and the top when you place the sound bar on a surface. The 300 Watts of pure sound power are in a 50 mm sound bar and wireless subwoofer.

This 35.5 x 4.5 x 2-inch soundbar, wrapped in black fabric, looked impressive when positioned near a mid-size 42-inch TV, while it seems a bit undersize if placed on a shelf with a 50-inch or more TV, in comparison to the more big-sized rectangular sound bars out there.

What is certain, the eccentric lines of this product add a touch of style to any room. You can place the soundbar on the wall above or, as you like, below the TV.

All the Sony HT-CT370 jacks are on the back of the sound bar (see Specifications and Features paragraph for more details). One of the known problems in other products is the lack of visibility of the front display.

In that regard, Sony has made a big step forward. Reading is clearly visible, and that will be of great help while using the remote control.

The subwoofer is just 15.6 inches tall x 14.3 inches deep x 5.4 inches wide, so it’s easy to hide it in a corner and enjoy the low bass frequencies the subwoofer can provide.

The overall design is sleek and looks elegant. The shape of the bar truly distinguishes itself from the rest. And because the LED display is located on the top front part of the bar, you can see the display clearly. Unlike other soundbars like the Philips CSS2133B/F7 or the Yamaha YAS105, the LED display is on top, and you cannot see what the display indicate.

Specifications and Features

Sony HT-CT370 soundbar 2

The amplifier powers out a front L / R at 100 Watts output (per channel at 4 ohms, 1 kHz). Regarding input jacks, it has 3 identical HDMI IN to connect another device, 1 analog in (to let you connect older TV’s) and 1 digital in (to connect your TV through an optical digital audio, if your TV hasn’t HDMI).

It has as output jacks 1 HDMI out, which means you can send the output to an AV receiver, controlling it with one remote. In this regard, what is worth to notice is the missing of a headphone jack that could be very useful in a bedroom environment, even considering the declared target audience of the product. However, a headphone jack may not be a big issue because of sound bars do not incorporate it.

The Sony HT-CT370 has Bluetooth for the portable devices, which is very important, with a communication system updated to Bluetooth Specification Version 3, and a line of the signal of approximately 10m before the signal is lost. Further, a maximum of 9 devices can be registered to it. The Bluetooth sound bar allows sending streaming data from a mobile device without any issue.

The remote control lets you easily access different sound modes, connect Bluetooth devices besides the common commands for volume and sound adjustment.

You can adjust and control all sorts of function and features directly from the remote. The controller looks compact and sophisticated. One down side is that the design of the remote is not as high-end and makes you feel like holding the plastic in your hand. The good thing is that you can control almost all functions from the remote directly.

It also includes a subwoofer at 100 Watts per channel at 4 ohms, 100 Hz (but Sony did another similar product version, the HT-CT380, where the included subwoofer is at 120 Watt). It has any controls (just a “link” button on the back), and you can manage volume and the pair from the remote control.

To connect the subwoofer, just press the “amp menu” on the remote, choose the WS setting and start the link process; once you do that, go on the back of the subwoofer and press the “link” button. They should connect effortlessly. Also, note that you can pair the HT-CT370 with other devices like Android and IOS devices, and computers with Bluetooth.

Sony HT-CT370 soundbar bluetooth

You can enjoy cinema-quality sound with S-Force PRO Front Surround technology.

The front display is better if compared with those seen in other similar products. It can also rely on the display if you are using the remote control to adjust tone and level.

If you have connected the soundbar to your TV through the HDMI jack, the Sony HT-CT370 doesn’t offer an onscreen display. If this is a problem, a solution is to install the SongPal app which provides a more visual approach to tweaking the settings.

The Performance

Sony HT-CT370 soundbar placement 1

While the sound bar required some adjustments to the sound settings, it performed very well, and we liked the good sound. What we did was just increasing marginally the volume of the subwoofer and reducing some treble.

Trying to go deeper to search for some flaws, we can convey that while dialogues were boosted well, they lacked a bit of resonance. That can be partially explained since other systems offer true 5.1 surrounds, like some Vizio sound bar models.

When the subwoofer was involved, the system delivered a solid bass and low-end effects as well as crisp treble tones. This is true, especially during action sequences scenes. The system doesn’t come with rear speakers, but the emulated surround sounded well, but, to be honest, not like in some full 5.1 surround systems.

The HT-CT370 also performed in an excellent way during music listening. The two channels in the main sound bar create excellent stereo separation, and 300 Watts power seems even too much for a normal living room.

Streaming music is effortless and sounds good when the Bluetooth is within range. We were very impressed with the overall quality and the great bass response.

The only problem worth to notice were some occasional “clicks” while streaming songs with the smart phone at just 20′ away from the sound bar and to the right of it. Even from other rooms in our studio, we got that full sound of the broadcast, no presence of thin voices or muffled bass blob noise.

We have noticed a little hitch; leaving the TV paused for a long time, causes the sound bar to “forget” about it. This happens rarely, and it can be resolved by turning the soundbar power off and then back on.

During our tests, we never needed to raise the volume more than half level, since this sound bar seems to have enough power to be used even in wider environments.

What Others Are Saying About It

Sony HT-CT370 soundbar placement 2

If you check out Amazon’s review, you will see that this Sony HT-CT370 soundbar has a very good review. Most people who used it are satisfied with its performance and sound quality.

Some even mentioned that this sound bar exceeds their expectation with the price. It is easy to install and set up; the main bar is thin and able to blend in and matches most TVs. Apart from the design, the performance and the sound that the speaker produces greatly enhances the TV sound quality.

Whether you are watching a movie or are listening to songs, you get an improved audio from it. The sound is clear, and you can hear the dialogue easily, plus the subwoofer did give the bass that most people are looking for.

The only downside is that the Bluetooth connection may not be as smooth. Some experienced a weak Bluetooth connectivity especially when they are further away from the speaker. This will be a small issue if you are not someone who uses the Bluetooth connection, but it may be important especially when you want to stream audio directly from your phone.

Other than that, it is a good sound bar that delivers sound quality performance. The design is beautiful, the LED display is at the right place, the subwoofer gives a good low, and the sound is clear and amazing.

Where To Buy And The Price

If you check out the official Sony page, you will see that the retail price is at $299.99. However, if you check out the price from Amazon, you will save $46.29 or 15%. Amazon gives you a discounted price at only $253.70.

And at this price, we believe that it is worth it to get the Sony HT-CT370 sound bar. Furthermore, you can also grab the 2 meters HDMI cable together as a package from Amazon at a lower price.

Not only that, but you will also get the $50 Gift Card. It seems like Amazon has put up a good deal for the HT-CT370.

You can buy this Sony HT-CT370 from Amazon today, click here.


Overall, the Sony HT-CT370 soundbar speaker is worth checking out. If your budget is below $300, you should seriously consider this home theatre speaker. The design is cool, and the sound quality is incredible. Sony did a good job with this speaker.

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