Sub-Box Carpet: How To Do It And Where To Get It


A subwoofer is a comprehensive loudspeaker and works to reproduce audio frequencies having a low pitch called as bass.

These frequencies range from 20 Hz up to 200 Hz for subwoofers. Subwoofers are made to enhance low-frequency ranges of loudspeakers which work on high-frequency bands. As such the term “subwoofer” means only the speaker, in layman talk, we refer to the subwoofer as the speaker enclosure along with the mounted speaker driver.

Subwoofers became quite popular with the advent of CDs and DVDs which could deliver the loud and deep bass. Subwoofers are well-accepted and recognized for sound reinforcement during concerts and nightclubs since the 2000s.

Wood has the capability to withstand air pressure and resist deformation making them perfect for the construction of subwoofers. They are available in diverse designs based upon efficiency, cost, low-frequency range, and cabinet cost.

Some of its designs include infinite baffle, bass reflex, bandpass, horn-loaded acoustic suspension, etc. Active subwoofers incorporate an inbuilt amplifier. Passive subwoofers have driver enclosure along with the speaker and utilize a peripheral amplifier.

Passive subwoofers have a subwoofer driver and enclosure and they are powered by an external amplifier.

Subwoofer boxes in vehicles are preferred by music lovers to get the desired acoustic effects. There a number of different types of architecture and construction. Today, we shall be discussing on the carpeting of subwoofer boxes

Boxes with vents give more bass, however, nothing can beat the quality of sound in a sealed box.

What is a Sub Box Carpet?

Sub box carpets are carpets that are used to your sub-woofer box to give them a professional appearance. Prefabricated subwoofer boxes available from the market, come wrapped in the carpet.

It is quite simple to make your own subwoofer box. This custom box will even match perfectly to your custom speaker.

You need wood and a few handy tools to make the subwoofer box. After the hole for the speaker is cut and the box is assembled, it is time to cover it with a carpet.

Uncovered boxes will look quite unprofessional and underdone. Just buy a carpet from amazon or any other website or shop. These carpets come in a variety of colours to suit your car within the cars’ hood.

Please consult the company or the shopkeeper and select thicker cloth for this purpose.

Please note that there are no acoustic benefits due to carpeting the sub box. Carpeting is a great option since it matches with the cars’ interior.

Painting is also okay, but it requires a good amount of time and effort. Generally, people prefer carpeting their sub boxes.

Of course, when it comes to making your own subwoofer box, you can choose to go for those pre-made such as the ASC Dual 12″ Subwoofer Universal Enclosure from Amazon, but it has no fun, right?

It much much better to do it by yourself. So then you can experience how to make it and enjoy the process. Not to mention that you will feel extremely fulfilled after getting sub box done.

ASC Dual Subwoofer Universal Enclosure

Why Do You Need A Sub Box Carpet?

Subwoofer boxes are readily available and can be made at your home as well. You will need wood and tools. After the box is ready, these subwoofer boxes require being carpeted to give them a professional appearance.

They need to match with the vehicles’ internal carpeting.

Prefabricated boxes come covered with the cloth and do not require once more.

Hand assembled ones need to be covered with carpet in a Do-it-Yourself approach.

How To Carpet Your Sub Box?

These carpets are available in a number of colours and you can select them from Amazon. You might have to select a carpet with adequate thickness and colour to match your vehicles’ internal carpeting. It is quite simple to succeed in carpeting your sub box.

Materials required:

To go ahead with the carpeting, you might need the following tools and accessories:

a) Carpet material

b) Cutting tools / Utility knife / Staple Gun

c) Adhesive / 777 Glue / Contact Cement

d) Staple gun

a) Carpet Selection:

A number of different types of carpets are available. Please do not select ones with rubber backings. They are quite difficult to work with. They are unable to bend sharply and even more tedious to cut.

The household carpet also fails as it is flexible than solid rubber, simpler to cut but still difficult. The best ones are the Auto Liner carpet ones which are stretchable, flexible and thin.

Although they appear to have weak quality, they are the best ones suited for this job. You can get sharp corners and straight sides and also cut them promptly and neatly. These are available on major internet sites and also auto dealers.

b) Cutting Tools:

A number of different tools will make your job easier. First and foremost is a sharp utility knife. Razor knives work well but their blades dull rapidly.

We recommend the putty knife of 1” width and sharpened with sandpaper on a belt sander. This sharpens the knife along the job and works for longer time uninterrupted. You may even knives having snap-off blades.

c) Selecting an Adhesive:

Spray adhesives are most widely used for subwoofer carpets. They do fail for heavier carpets and they do not hold for very long life for lighter ones.

However, they can do the job quite quickly and efficiently. Professionals prefer contact cement. It will hold practically along the life of the subwoofer and does not get affected by heat.

Contact cement (use the Dap contact cement from Amazon) has to be applied to both surfaces. Let it dry for 5 to 15 minutes and join the parts. The parts will be in Contact for life hence the name of the cement as Contact Cement. Use a roller or brush to apply the cement.

Contact Cement works with solvents that must evaporate before the adhesive dries up. As the solvent gets evaporated, the surface begins to cool.

In humid zones, condensation will take place on surfaces. Moisture weakens the bond. It is better to carry out using contact cement on days when it is not raining.

Else use heat guns to maintain the surface to be free from moisture. While using heat guns, you must provide sufficient ventilation. Although, being non-flammable, contact cement does require a good amount of ventilation.

You may choose the adhesive as per your comfort and convenience.


Please select carpet of adequate thickness as per recommendations from the site. Apply the adhesive at one side of the sub box (do not select the side with the hole). Then stick the carpet to that side.

Repeat this steps for the others sides of the wooden box.

When the final side comes, apply the glue, and stick the carpet. Use the utility knife provided to cut the carpet appropriately so that you get a great professional finish.

Make sure adequate glue is applied and left to dry so that the carpet sticks tightly to the box and does not become loose. The box is going to house the speakers with huge sounds and vibrations so the sticking process has to be above average.

Use handgun selectively to attach the carpet to the wooden box. You may even use the Contact cement in place of glue. This does make a stronger bind but the cement is tougher to work it. Use it if you are sure of managing it, please go ahead and try.

The speaker box carpets are available from Amazon. We have done a detailed research and we present to you a few tested materials based on our experience below…

Sub-Box Carpet Recommendation

10ft x 4ft Wide Polymat Speaker Carpet

This subwoofer box carpet has won rave reviews from its customers. This is being marketed by bargainstore. This fabric is high on durability and works great for professional use. The fabric is non-woven and does not unravel. This fabric is easy to fit, mold and cut to desirable size and shape.

This fabric has resistance towards mildew, mold and stains. Also, it resists gas, salt and oil. This fabric offers UV protection. It retains its color as it is polypropylene which is solution dyed.

This fabric weighs quite light at just 3.60 pounds. The mat admeasures 49 inches x 5.6 inches x 3.9 inches.

You can get this speaker carpet directly from Amazon HERE.

15 feet x 4 feet Wide Polymat Charcoal / Dark Grey Speaker Box

Polymat introduces this Polymat Charcoal / Dark Grey Speaker box vehicle carpet that is available in dark grey and charcoal black. This speaker box carpet has won hearts everywhere. This fabric is extremely high on durability and works well for carpeting speaker boxes.

The fabric great for proficient use. The fabric is non-woven and does not become loose. This fabric can be cut, mold and fits easily into desired shapes and sizes. This fabric resists mold, mildew, and stains.

Also, it resists gas, salt and oil. This fabric offers UV protection and retains its color due to polypropylene which is solution dyed. This fabric weighs quite light at just 4 pounds. The mat ad-measures 49 inches x 5.6 inches x 3.9 inches.

If you are interested with this type of carpet, get it HERE from Amazon.

Xscorpion EN4.15BK Premium Un-Backed Subwoofer Enclosure Carpet

Xscorpion presents the Premium un-backed subwoofer enclosure carpet which is an astounding edition. This is a premium type of carpet and every piece comes in sizes of 48 inches x 15 feet.

The carpet is very durable and serves unfailingly for a long life. This textile is perfect for speaker boxes. It comes in black color. It weighs just 4 pounds and ad-measure 48 inches x 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches.

This speaker box fabric has got good ratings everywhere.

Get this premium Xscorpion sub box carpet from Amazon HERE.

Platinum Bulk Truckliner Subwoofer Speaker Carpet

Audiopipe presents the Platinum Bulk Truckliner Automotive Trunk subwoofer speaker carpet which is a marvelous edition. This is a premium type of carpet and every piece comes in sizes of 48 inches x 15 feet.

The carpet is quite durable and serves unfailingly for a long life. It is useful for outdoor as well as indoor applications. This textile is perfect for speaker boxes, truck beds, and automotive interior carpet.

It can be used with commercial carpet adhesives such as 3M. It comes in grey color. It weighs just 3.2 pounds and admeasure 48.3 inches x 5.8 inches x 4 inches. This speaker box fabric has got good ratings everywhere.

Find out more about this subwoofer speaker carpet from Amazon HERE.


Sub box carpets grant a professional appearance to your speaker box. You may use them to carpet handmade speaker boxes. You must follow the procedure mentioned to get your own carpet to the speaker box. You must follow the requisite procedures.

A number of different types of carpets are available in the market. They have wonderful reviews from their customers. Please do compare the various options and make an informed choice for your vehicle speaker box.

Sub box carpets do not improve the acoustics. Carpeting makes the speaker box look neat and professional. This process can be done quickly and effectively at home.

Please do try to carpet your sub box. For customized sub boxes, it is a must to have it done at home.

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