Vizio S4251W-B4 5.1 Sound Bar System Review

Vizio has been trying hard to produce something powerful and yet affordable for most. And with this Vizio S4251W-B4 sound bar 5.1 home theatre system, Vizio has reached a new feat.

This soundbar is the award-winning speaker of CNET’s Best of CES for the year 2013. It is created for incredible performance with creative features to deliver an outstanding audio experience for both audio and video.

It comes with the 5.1 home theatre systems. With 2 rear speakers with wireless Bluetooth auto connection, a powerful wireless subwoofer and the main driver speakers and tweeter located on the front bar.

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Now, let’s take a closer look at every aspect for this soundbar. Is it going to worth your money? Is the performance as good as claimed? Let’s find out…

The Vizio S4251 Design

vizio-s4251w-sound bar1

When you first look at it, the design just looks ordinary like most other sound bars on the market. Upon closer look, you will discover that the rear speakers are both wireless, which is a brilliant design. You do not have to pull the wire from the front of your living room to the back and let the cables go across your living room.

It is innovative to come up with wireless rear speakers with automatic Bluetooth connection once you turn it on. Seriously, it helps a lot in managing all the wires and cables, making your life easier to enjoy the surround sound from the rear satellite speakers.

Looking at the main bar, it is covered with cloth grille. The bar itself has a dimension of 3.74” x 3.15” x 42.32”, it will be a perfect match for TVs size around 42 inches. One disadvantage of its size is the height of about 3.7 inches. It might be too high to block the infrared receiver for certain TVs. Meaning to say, if your TV’s infrared receiver is blocked, you will have no choice but to mount your TV on the wall or find a way to either lower the position of the soundbar.

Other than that, the overall design is beautiful with a glossy black strip at the bottom. The black piece also able to display the volume via a line of LED lights, which looks cool.

The subwoofer is powerful, but the design will be too dull and too simple. Most people choose to hide the woofer, so probably the design does not matter. The subwoofer has a dimension of 12.5” x 6.9” x 15.9” and weighs about 15 pounds.

The Remote Controller

The design of its remote control is beautiful. It is sleek and looks elegant. Unlike most common design, this remote comes with an LED display. You can choose all the functions, inputs and adjust volume from your hand, without looking at the TV or the soundbar, you can just look on the LED screen display on the remote itself.

Specifications And Features

vizio-s4251w-sound bar2

Like most another soundbar, it comes with the Bluetooth connection. You just cannot afford to get a speaker system without Bluetooth connectivity these days. It is so convenient to connect via your mobile device and play any audio file you want through it.

One thing you have to understand about the Vizio S4251W is that it does not come with any HDMI input connection. You will have to use the optical port to make all the connection. It will work for all TVs, so you don’t have to worry on this.

It is claimed that this speaker system produces less than 1% of the harmonic distortion, which is considered very small and you will be able to hear crystal clear audio from the speakers. It comes with features such as the Dolby Digital, the DTS Circle Surround, DTS Digital Surround, and the DTS TruVolume.

What People Are Saying About It

vizio-s4251w-sound bar3

Without a doubt, this a good quality sound bar with outstanding performance. A lot of individuals are satisfied with its audio quality and praised its performance. The speaker gives an excellent experience; the front driver speakers provide clear sound while the subwoofer gives the resonance of the bass.

The surround sound effect from the rear satellite speakers are in perfect sync, and you can hear the sound running through your ears from one side to the other.

More importantly, the sound is powerful enough to immerse you with the amazing audio experience no matter whether you are listening to music or watching a movie. Some said that the sound is robust, and the subwoofer has powerful deep lows.

On the other hand, some claimed that this soundbar does not last for long. After a couple of months, the speaker stopped to function properly. This might be due to some defects or faulty issues. There also people who said that the woofer bass is too strong.

Where To Buy And The Price

Currently, the Vizio S4251w-B4 is selling at $398 on Amazon while the used set is from $199. Considering the price at $398, this 5.1 channel sound bar with rear satellite speakers is worth the money. With a quality performance and profound audio quality, it is worth checking out.

When you grab it from Amazon, you will also be getting the $50 Amazon Gift Card.

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The Conclusion

Overall, there are many other competitors on the market around the same price. If a 5.1 channel surround audio system with soundbar works for you, then the Vizio S4251w-B4 is what you should look into.

It is a good sound bar for those who want the best surround system with a lower budget. In fact, this speaker system successfully delivers the quality and performance most people are wanted. The design is great and the sound quality is amazing. It is worth the price and a value buy.

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