Yamaha YAS105 Soundbar With Built-In Subwoofer Review

If you are looking for a soundbar that is below $300, the Yamaha YAS105 is something worth checking out. The YAS-105 is the entry level sound bar that gives an enhancement to the sound quality of your TV.

Do take note that this soundbar does not come with an external subwoofer. Instead, it has a built-in subwoofer which gives an impressive sound performance to both music and movies.

As one of the world’s most famous and well-known musical instruments brand, Yamaha truly understand knows how to make your TV, movies, and music to perform at their absolute best. Let us check out the YAS105 review.

The Design

Yamaha YAS105 soundbar

At the first glance, you will see that it looks exactly like a bar. It has a width of 35 inches and heights of around 2 inches. With its thin body, you can rest assure to put it on top of your table that it will not block your TV’s IR receiver.

It has a weight of 8.8 pounds, no HDMI port, with 1 Digital Optical, 1 Digital Coaxial, 1 Analog Audio input, and 1 Subwoofer Output. Its body is covered with black cloth and its black styling is born to blend in with any TV set. The back of the bar is made of gloss plastic and at both ends, you can find the subwoofer reflex ports with a trumpet shaped bell.

The overall design looks elegant and classy. Without the external subwoofer, it is perfect for people who do not want to have a lot of clutter in their house while they want to enjoy an excellent quality sound system.

There are some buttons such as the Input, the Volume and Standby are located at the back of the bar. When you adjust the volume level for this Yamaha YAS105, you will see the LEDs light up as indicator. It is nice to have indicators to show the volume level. However, you cannot see the LEDs when you put it on top of the table as the lightings are towards the back. This is probably not a big issue when it is mounted on the wall, though.

The build quality is amazing. You can feel the weight and robust when you pick it up. The structure of the bar looks rigid and top quality.

Features And Specifications

Yamaha YAS105 soundbar

Covered under the cloth grille are a pair of mid-range driver speakers, along with 2 balance tweeter and also 2 upward-firing subwoofers. The driver speakers have 30W power for each channel and the subwoofer able to delivers 60W power.

Even though that you cannot see the subwoofer, the bass is strong and really powerful. The YAS105 comes with the Air Surround Xtreme feature that gives a virtual surround sound that offers a 7.1 channel listening experience to you.

It also comes with the Clear Voice technology that enhances the dialogue and speech to a higher level of clearness. There is also a Bass Extension mode that aim to boost the bass power and lower the frequency for extra punch on the bass. Other modes such as Movie, Sports, Music, TV, Game, are also included with the sound system.

It has Bluetooth connectivity that makes your life comfortable with connection from your mobile devices. Apart from that, you can also install the Yamaha Home Theater Controller app so that you can adjust the volume and other stuff directly from your phone without getting up from the comfort of your sofa. The YAS-105 also comes with both the Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic 2 audio formats.

What People Are Saying About It

Yamaha YAS105 soundbar

When you check out the reviews and what people are saying about this soundbar, you will see that most people praised its performance and sound quality. Some people do not like to have an external subwoofer as most speaker system below $300 did not have a good quality on the subwoofer, the bass produces will be either too strong or too low. And the YAS105 gives a balance between both worlds.

A lot of people are also quite satisfied with its design and physical outlook. It is relatively thin and stylish looking that able to match most TVs and AV system. Some said that the connection is simple and easy to setup. All you need to do is to just plug-and-play.

Furthermore, the sound produces from this sound bar is truly outstanding. You can clearly hear the clanking swords from movies, the speech and dialogue are also crystal clear especially when you watch the news.

As for the cons, people are saying that you cannot see the LED lighting, and it is inconvenient because you cannot tell if you have adjusted the volume. Next, some people did not like the design, but this is personal and up to each individual’s taste. Besides that, some said that the sound quality is poor, and the subwoofer is not strong enough.

Where To Buy And The Price

The current retail price for Yamaha YAS-105 sound bar is at $249. You can check out Amazon at the same price point for free shipping. In the same time, you may want to also include the protection and warranty period. (Prices may vary, please check for updates)

You can buy this Yamaha YAS105 soundbar from Amazon right now, click here.

The Conclusion

If you seriously wanted to improve the sound quality for your TV while watching movies or listening to songs, the YAS105 will be your perfect choice. The built-in subwoofer saves you a lot of space and you do not have to manage all the wires. The sound quality is decent and the bass it produces is just right.

For the price of below $300, it is considered an excellent sound speaker system for home theater. It has quality finishing, elegant look and the performance is outstanding. Of course, this is not the best sound bar out there in the market, but it is worth the money.

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